Are you looking for a creative collaborator, a producer, editor or want to design a workshop?  

I work as a freelancer and have extensive experience from both artistic productions as a choregrapher as well as overall project management, editiorial work and curating and teching workshops in different fields. Don´t hesitate to contact me if you have an idea or want to connect!  

I am a dancer and choreograpgher but also have a background in social and behavioural science. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A) in Dance and Choreography from Stockholm University of the Arts(former DOCH), a Bachelor of Medical Science(B.Med.Sci) in Psychology from Karolinska Institute, and a Master of Arts (M.A) in Gender Studies with a Specialization in Gender Politics in Practice from Södertörn University.

I have broad work experience which includes working with freelance projects, events, editorial work, sales and pedagogic work. I have initiated an explorative choreographic project centered around technology such as Virtual Reality and Motion Capture together with dancer and choreographer Anna Näsström. Read more about Ongoing Realities below.

Ongoing Realities 

Ongoing Realities is an exploratory choreographic approach investigating the relationship and creative possibilities when merging dance and choreography with various digital and analogue technologies. I collaborate with dancer and choreographer Anna Näsström and we have gained support from The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, The Swedish National Touring Company and and The Swedish Arts Council. We have also had an artistic residencies with Moskosel Creative Lab, PlayLab, Rum för dans and Teater Halland, Riksteatern Stockholm and SITE Incubator, Stockholm.


is an ongoing photographic and choreographic project.

In this project I isolate parts of facades from different cities in the world as a means to investigate movement within and between cities as well as understanding these surfaces as a choreographic material. 


in an era where we can enjoy beautiful comissioned street art such as murals, haste is an ongoing project where I try to capture expressions in urban spaces that is perhaps not authorized, done quick or in locations with little surveillance. Several methods have been developed in order to put something up in just seconds to avoid being caught. This also carries a special aesthetics and in haste try to look for the poetry that arises in the context of where it is displayed